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The furniture store is probably one of the B2B business activities that require particular experience and above all a great sense of responsibility: setting up a store means for us to communicate unequivocally the philosophy of our customers by translating - through shapes and colors - the message that you want the general public to be reached by. Design a store is probably among the most difficult tasks - but at the same time extraordinarily rewarding - you can do: think of the colors, the layout of the desks, the placement of staved panels, the shelves ... all this must be in harmony with the company's image buyer. In our site you will find all success stories: photos, renderings, plans and individual products that can serve as an example if you need to furnish a store. Try us: you will enjoy the way we see the furniture for shops. We also answer on Saturday and Sunday to the mobile number: +39 +39 334 6236910.