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Terms of sale

These conditions govern a contract for the supply of products, accessories and services by the company Markagency S.r.l.
No exceptions to the conditions listed below will be valid unless our explicit written statement.
1) The conditions are accepted by the customer upon confirmation of the order or receipt of goods.
2) Articles, their characteristics, data and dimensions present in our printed catalog and / or on-line, are not binding and may be subject to changes which we considered appropriate for the best service to customers.
3) The prices are in Euros (€), VAT excluded - goods delivered ex warehouse of Fano.
4) The price list is subject to change without notice.
5) Unless otherwise stated in writing, offers are valid 30 days. Solar from the issue date.
CONFIRMATION / CONCLUSION OF CONTRACT: The acceptance by Markagency srl is performed by correctly filling in the order confirmation and the consensus and 'expressed by the acceptance of the document, by fax or by email, contract is achieved.
S.r.l. It is deemed exonerated from any responsibility for delivery delays due to force majeure. Any delay, also attributable to Markagency S.r.l., can not justify the cancellation of the order and failure to pay the amount sent. Delays attributable to Markagency S.r.l. They may give rise to compensation only in the cases and to the extent that penalties have been established for this purpose, previously formalized in writing.
PACKING: The packaging is included in the normal list price. Any special packaging requested in writing by the customer are billed at cost.
SHIPPING CHARGES: The transport costs are borne by the customer and will be calculated at cost based on the weight and volume of the goods. The goods are insured.
PAYMENT IN CASH: charge 1% of the total tax included, minimum chargeable € 5.00 plus VAT;
FUNDING: For amounts over € 2000.00 we can present suitable lenders.
ADVANCES: At the down payment we issue an invoice for payment which includes VAT.
RECEPTION OF THE MATERIAL: All items will be delivered disassembled or in kit, and installation will be done by and at your expense. In order to make our service more efficient please check the conditions of the time of delivery. If the package is not perfectly intact, accept subject, or next to your signature on the delivery note clearly annotated with the words of what it looks like the damaged package. The delivered goods is ensured. Upon arrival of the goods, check the integrity of packages and note any anomalies or deficiencies on the carrier's newsletter and on DDT, sending up a copy at our sales office fax 0721/806283 or Markagency
S.r.l. We accept no responsibility for not please report within 3 days. from receipt of goods. "RECEIVED WITH RESERVE, PACK DAMAGED." If the package is damaged so severely by having procured certainly also damage the internal contents, refuse the goods clearly asking to always appear on the bill the note "REFUSED GOODS FOR PACK DAMAGED".
IMPORTANT: also verify the exact correspondence of the number of packages. In case the above directions and precautions are not followed and executed upon delivery of the material, and the customer then detects faults or damage due to obvious transport reasons, Markagency
S.r.l. We take no responsibility and the customer will have a claim against the carrier for the damage received.
WARRANTY: All products, components and accessories supply Markagency
S.r.l. They are guaranteed against construction vices or defected material within twelve months from the date of delivery. Any deformation or diversity of measures, which should be detected on the product, are considered defects only if they exceed the dimensional tolerances. The warranty is limited to replacement of materials or products supplied are defective, it will not recognize any other compensation demanded by the Client, for any damages directly or indirectly caused by the same defect. The right to become void in the event of use or installation of the products not in accordance with best or not in accordance with the instructions contained in the technical manual.
RETURNS: The return of the components must be previously authorized by Markagency
S.r.l. Defective shall materials must reach the headquarters of Markagency S.r.l. prior authorization and shipping free port.
JURISDICTION: For matters not covered in this document, in case of dispute are taken as reference the articles of the Civil Code. Any controversy settles the jurisdiction of PESARO hole. Markagency
S.r.l. p.iva 02169430416 Viale Enrico Mattei, 24 A / B - 61032 Fano (PU) Tel: 0721/806283 Fax: 0721/806283